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Ride 365

RIDE 365!

We collect miles not only as individuals, but as a Chapter.  The more of our members that register for Ride 365, the more miles we can record!  There are great incentives for all.  Please take a few minutes to drop by Volcano Harley-Davidson with your VIN and Odometer reading to make sure you are registered.  This is different from the regular Mileage Program, so even if you are already registered for the Mileage Program, you still need to register for Ride 365.

Annual Mileage Program

Thanks to enhancements to H.O.G.’s Annual Mileage Recognition program this year, H.O.G. members can earn rewards for the miles they ride faster and more frequently and redeem them more easily than ever before. Participants now earn 1,000 H-D Membership points and a digital recognition badge on their online membership profile when they log 1,000 miles for the year, a $10 value. Additional points and rewards, including certificates, patches and challenge coins are earned as miles accumulate. Every 500 points earned equals $5, up to a maximum of 15,000 points (a $150 value).

Membership points can be redeemed electronically for purchases on H-D.com and at participating Harley-Davidson dealerships and are valid for three years from the date issued (note: H-D gift cards are no longer issued). To participate, members must activate and link their H.O.G. ID in the H-D App. Enrollment for the year begins upon the first mileage reading taken at a H-D dealership. For more information, visit hog.com/ride365.

Annual Mileage Program Award Levels:

• 1,000 miles: 1,000 points and digital badge
• 2,500 miles: 1,500 points and digital badge
• 5,000 miles: 2,500 points and digital badge
• 7,500 miles: 2,500 points and digital badge
• 10,000 miles: 2,500 points, digital badge, certificate and patch
• 15,000 miles: 5,000 points, digital badge, certificate and patch
• 20,000 miles: Digital badge, certificate and patch
• 25,000 miles: Digital badge, certificate, patch and challenge coin
• 50,000 miles: Digital badge, certificate, patch and challenge coin
• 75,000 miles: Digital badge, certificate, patch and challenge coin
• 100,000 miles: Digital badge, certificate, patch and challenge coin 

10 for ’24 Challenge

H.O.G.’s 10 for ’24 Ride Challenge is an exciting way to explore America from the seat of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The rules are simple: visit the location, snap a photo at the designated check-in point, and submit the photo to the member profile on h-d.com/hog . Participants earn digital badges and poker chips for each destination achieved. The 10 for ’24 Ride Challenge allows H.O.G. members to participate in Ride 365 while enjoying great roads, creating lifelong memories and racking up miles and rewards. For more information, visit hog.com/ride365.

10 for ’24 Ride Challenge Destinations
• Igloo City, Cantwell, AK
• Mississippi Blues Trail, Tunica, MS
• Little Bighorn National Monument, Crow Agency, MT
• World’s Largest Pistachio, Alamogordo, NM
• Loneliest Road in America, Fallon to Ely, NV
• Woodstock Monument, Swan Lake, NY
• Hells Canyon Scenic Byway, LaGrande to Baker City, OR
• Fighting Seabee Statue, North Kingstown, RI
• Dignity of Earth and Sky, Chamberlain, SD
• Republic of Texas International Boundary Marker, Carthage, TX

50 Rides, One Nation Challenge

The 50 Rides, One Nation Challenge is a curated list of great rides, one per state, that offers H.O.G. members a chance to experience some of the best riding destinations our country has to offer. The concept is simple: ride to the designated location in each state, document the visit with a photograph, and submit it to H.O.G. member profile to receive credit. In addition to collecting great memories and other rewards, participants also receive a unique challenge coin to commemorate each location visited. There’s no time limit for completion. Collecting all 50 rides represents a lifetime riding accomplishment, a goal that has been achieved so far by only a few H.O.G. members. To learn more about 50 Rides, One Nation, visit the Harley-Davidson Ride Planner.

Dealership Check-In Challenge

More than just a place find H-D products and services, many Harley-Davidson dealerships are unique destinations that reflect the culture and character of the communities where they are located. H.O.G. members receive points for each official Harley-Davidson dealership location visited when they participate in the Dealership Check-In Challenge. Participants are now rewarded for more achievement levels along their journey, with awards received for 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100 or more dealer check-ins. For more information, visit hog.com/ride365.

New Chapter Mileage Challenge Regional Map

Beginning this year, H.O.G. will realign the six regions that compete for the Chapter Total Mileage and Average Mileage challenges to better match seasonal climates. The map above shows how the new regions will be aligned by state. These new regions will be used to determine the 2024 challenge winners and do not affect last year’s results. If you have any questions about the new regional map, please contact your regional manager.




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