Views Through The Windshield - A word from your Director

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season. Just like in the movie, The Santa Clause, my beard dissappeared, my "flight suit" is put away, but I just cant find the procedure to make the weight go away! I get plenty of exercise dodging responsibility and jumping to conclusions, yet I'm keeping the Santa fluff for some reason!

This Saturday, Greg, Kelly, Keri,and myself representing Rose City HOG along with Mark Geyer and Madison Horton will be representing Volcano Harley-Davidson at ROC training. For those of you unfamiliar with ROC, it is the motherships acronym for Regional Officer Connection. There's much to learn at these seminars, such as membership growth, retention, marketing your chapter to a greater audience within the motorcycle community, namely the Harley community, encouraging participation in rides, activities and even the Ride365 program. 

When you get a moment on your next store visit, feel free to visit Madison in Motorclothes, she is our gift from the Harley Gods, and she has extensive experience with enrolling and updating our Ride365 miles into the system. She will be a tremendous help in getting our odometers read for the Ride365 program. If you're not enrolled, or haven't recorded your miles yet, I strongly encourage you to do so. Unfortunately, it's too late to record your ending mileage for 2022, as the ending reading needed to be in on December 31st. We are a small chapter, and we get recognition from corporate HOG and Harley-Davidson with the more miles we report.  This is a tremendous benefit to you personally, as you'll be recognized with gift cards from the mothership for online spending, the amounts vary by the number of miles you turn. For those of you with a HOG Visa, the benefits are even greater. The benefits are nice for your chapter as well, from chapter recognition from HOG, among other bonuses to help your chapter. So, if you're not registered in Ride365 or perhaps you're giving your mileage to another chapter, I'd love to see you help out your chapter. 

We will be having our first breakfast of 2023 at Wichita Pub on Highway 212/224 at 9:00 on January 14th. It would be amazing, yet highly unlikely to get a ride in afterwards, but there's always hope!

Also, our first meeting of 2023 will be on January 17th at 6:30pm in the lounge area at the dealership. 

I hope those of you that participated in the Polar Bear Run on New Year's Day are thawed out by now, I had every intention of going, but it was a bit much to for me to be out in that cold while fighting a cold.  I'm hoping to get those outdoor Christmas lights down on Friday! That's all I have for January, 

See you on the highways and backroads!

Jim Beine

Director: Rose City H.O.G. #5229