Views Through The Windshield - A word from your Director

Wow! Wasn't it still summer only three weeks ago with sun and temperatures in the high 80's?

So, never mind the darkness, we still can find a way, nothing lasts forever, even cold November rain.

So, Unfortunately, the Fossil/Shaniko ride had to be cancelled due to rough weather over the Cascade Mountain Range. That was the last scheduled ride of the year as it's too difficult to plan a group ride as we enter into the late fall and winter months. Keep in mind though, if we get a shot of nice weather, feel free to call on your friends and fellow chapter members and burn some fuel and squash the last remaining bugs that might be flying around. I also want to remind those of you participating in the Ride365 program to make sure you have your mileage form filled out completely with your name, HOG member number, VIN number, and your latest (last) mileage reading of the year. Once completed, you can turn in that form to our HOG Manager, Mark Geyer at Volcano Harley-Davidson.

Also, remember our Early HOG Special regarding 2023 our Chapter Enrollment and Ride Waver forms along with membership dues. If you decide to enroll for 2023 early, (Before December 31st) The yearly dues are only $20. After January 1st, the dues will increase to $25. Next October, we will do the same thing to help bolster membership and to keep Doug and Kelly from being swamped at the January and February meetings. PLEASE NOTE, The Membership Form and Ride Waver MUST be filled out by the member/rider/co-rider with your Membership number AND signature. We cannot process them without a valid signature. This is straight from the mothership, and we cannot bend the rules for anyone, or we could jeopardize our charter.

It really does pay to attend meetings! Besides the 50/50, gift card raffles and photo of the month, if your name is drawn for the progressive jackpot, you too could win big! Congratulations to Mark Silva for winning $450 at the October meeting! Another congratulations goes to Eva Kreilich for winning the quarterly bike detail! that is a $300 value!

We all know that the Gales of November came early, as it's November 2nd and we've had plenty of rain and wind to make up for the dry October. Speaking of October, I read that it would take 44 hours of constant walking for a child to burn off all the calories ingested from the initial blitz of Halloween candy, and 88 hours for those of us eating the leftovers the trick or treaters didn't get!

Dealership events for this month are as follows: This Saturday, November 5th is the Biker Breakfast at the dealership starting at 10:00am.

Saturday, November 12th is the Veterans Day Weekend Appreciation Lunch at 11:00am, and Saturday, November 19th is the Bike Build and Tech Talk at 12:00pm.

Also on Saturday, November 12th we will have a non-ride breakfast at 9:00am at Wichita Pub. 11481 SE Hwy 212, Clackamas, OR 97015

Also, just an early bird reminder, Santa Claus himself will be making appearances on the first 3 Saturdays of December, the 3rd, 10th, and 17th, Keep a lookout for the exact times as they haven't been ironed out yet. So, if you have any kids, grandkids or pets you want photographed with Santa, here's your chance without paying what the "Mall Santa" would charge! No lizards or snakes, Santa will freak out in epic proportions at the sight of any reptiles!

When November Rains, it rides the cool wind!

Have you had a chance to condition your cold weather gear? treat your jacket, gloves, chaps, keep yourself dry friends!

As we enter the cold wet days that limit our riding, remember the warm summer adventures we had on our Harley-Davidson motorcycles. "She felt like the sun to me on those cold November nights."


I hope to see you all soon!


p.s. I have 4 clues in this newsletter regarding songs that include "November" in the lyrics! Have fun!

See you on the highways and backroads!

Jim Beine

Director: Rose City H.O.G. #5229